Daredevil Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Daredevil Nintendo Game Boy Advance


Developed by Amaze Entertainment's Griptonite Games for release in conjunction with the 20th Century Fox film starring Ben Affleck, this game pits Marvel Comics' "The Man Without Fear" against 21 different types of enemies, including knife-wielding thugs, gun-toting ruffians, and sewer-dwelling hoodlums. Just like in the movie and the comics, Daredevil will face such archenemies as femme fatale Elektra, sharp-shooting Bullseye, and mob boss Kingpin, who controls most organized crime in New York City.<br><br>A side-scrolling beat-'em-up 23 levels in length, Daredevil outfits the blind title character with his trademark baton, which he can swing or throw, and his patented "Radar Sense," allowing him to "see" hidden items. In addition, ol' Horn Head can pull off a number of punches and kicks, as he runs, jumps, crawls, climbs, somersaults his way through the game. To aid his crime-fighting cause, Daredevil can pick up health, invincibility, and other helpful icons, while collecting DD Tokens, which unlock comic covers, alternate costumes, character bios, and other knickknacks.<br><br>A Game Boy Advance exclusive, Daredevil is equipped with a password feature to let players save their level progression and accumulation of collectible items.

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