Denki Blocks! Game Boy Advance

Denki Blocks! Game Boy Advance

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Denki Blocks is a puzzle game that is played on a fixed-screen board with various pieces of one or more color. Whenever two or more puzzle pieces of the same color come in contact, they join to make one larger shape. The primary object of most levels is to manipulate the puzzle so that all pieces of the same color are joined. This basic concept is used in a variety of different modes, for Solo games such as "Workout" or "Perfecto," as well as Versus games for up to four players. There's also a Training mode that demonstrates all the important goals and techniques of the games.

Unlike many other single-screen action puzzles, each Denki Blocks board is self-contained. No additional pieces "fall from above," so it might be more appropriate to think of the perspective as "top-down" instead of "from the side." The puzzle pieces in Denki Blocks are moved as a whole around the game board, up down, left, or right. All the pieces on the board move at once, retaining their initial layout, but if a one piece is blocked in a given direction it will remain in place while the other pieces are moved. If three red puzzle pieces were arranged in a row for example, with a space between each, one solution might be to move the entire puzzle against the edge of the board and push the pieces together.

In addition to the square border around each level, many puzzles contain other static elements, which appear in white. These can be a boon or a hindrance, depending on the layout of the puzzle pieces. Most puzzles can be solved in more than one way and bonuses are awarded in some levels for bringing all the puzzle pieces together to form a certain shape. The game also tracks the time and the number of moves used to solve each puzzle, allowing players to return to levels and try to better their own scores

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