Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage Game Boy Color

Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage Game Boy Color

Dexter's Laboratory Robot Rampage is an exact clone of the classic arcade game Elevator Action. Actually, it is an exact clone of the Game Boy Color version of Elevator Action which sadly was not released in North America.

Each level starts you at the top floor of a building and the goal is to reach the bottom using mostly elevators and the occasional escalator. Enemies pop out of doors on each floor and chase you. You are armed however, so the enemies aren't a total threat. You can switch out to a new random weapon by going into certain doors. In addition, there are items behind certain doors which you will need to collect before you reach the bottom and clear the level.

It's a very simple, repetitive process. I am not sure if the game actually has an end or "kill screen" as they say when referring to games like Donkey Kong. As far as I know, the game continuously loops and it's more of a high score competition than anything.

Dexter's Laboratory fans looking to play as there favorite character may be put off by the gameplay. Like I said, you just have to be appreciative of 80s classic arcade games, otherwise you may be disappointed.
I really like this game for it's tight controls and pick up and play nature. Definitely a must have for any old school arcade gamer.

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