Dogz Game Boy Color

Dogz Game Boy Color

All the fun of owning a dog without needing a pooper scooper.
Dogz Game Boy Color is a grrreat way to take your Petz wherever you go. Adopt a Dogz and play with and care for your clever canine. If you are a good Petz owner, you will be rewarded. Measure the health, happiness, hunger, energy levels and cleanliness of your Dogz. High care and well-being levels will unlock different kinds of Dogz (even in wacky colors!) for you to adopt. Your Dogz will love to play with their canine Toyz! Find friends with other special toyz that you don't have and share them. You can trade Breedz with your friends! A successful Dogz owner will retire their Dogz into the Hall of Game, and unlock special Dogz!

- Play Items Included: Flea Spray, Brush, Water Bowl, Food Bowl, Bottle, Pillow, Spray Bottle, Rubber Bone, Stick, Bone Treatz.
- Special Toyz May Include: Flying Disc, Ball, Tug Toy, Teddy Bear, Mouse, Special Bonus Toyz.
- The trading can continue because Dogz owners can trade Petz and Toyz with each other!

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