Dropship United Peace Force - PS2

Dropship United Peace Force - PS2

  • Deploy and destroy gameplay using cutting edge Dropship technology
  • Stunning 3D photo-realistic environments
  • Variety of high-technology air and ground combat craft to control
  • Innovative mission structure with tactical decision-making
  • Unravel a plot of political intrigue as you take out tactical targets
  • Dropship: United Peace Force invites you to deploy and destroy using cutting-edge dropship technology to reinforce peace in worldwide hot spots. Load your dropship with deadly combat vehicles and fly, drive and shoot your way through a massive enemy-infested photorealistic terrain. Your decisions affect the outcome as your wingmen and ground forces rely on your guidance and support. Reveal a tale of military might and political intrigue as you and your copilot take out tactical targets and cripple enemy strongholds.

    Photorealistic 3-D environments include the mountains of Colombia and the coastline of China. Each map has a playable area of 40 by 40 km and a draw distance to the horizon. The variety of high-technology air and ground combat craft in the game includes escort fighters, recon planes, battle tanks, armoured assault vehicles and, of course, the dropship.

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