Flintstones Burgertime in Bedrock Game Boy Color

Flintstones Burgertime in Bedrock Game Boy Color

  • The Flintstones: Burgertime in Bedrock is a remake of Data East's 1982 arcade game BurgerTime, with Fred and Barney replacing the short order cook from the original. Mr. Slate has opened a Brontoburger shop and hired the duo to prepare the gigantic burgers, but giant flies and dinosaurs have invaded the establishment, and are trying their best to disrupt the business.

    Playing as either Fred or Barney, it's your job to traverse the 24 stages of multilevel restaurants, walking over various ingredients so they drop into place. Your main defense against the pests consists of a limited number of clubs, but you can also attempt to crush them under a falling ingredient. Additional help is provided by power-ups that offer extra lives and clubs, freeze enemies, or clear them from the screen entirely. Passwords are given at the end of every four stages to let you continue your game.

    In addition to the standard 1P Game, two players using a Link Cable can face off in the Vs. Game. In this mode Fred and Barney compete against each other in a customizable number of rounds to see who can be the first to complete a level of Brontoburgers.

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