Full Auto 2 - PSP

Full Auto 2 - PSP

  • A 56 event single-player career path with multiple modes, objectives, weapons, areas, and rivals to unlock.
  • Numerous multiplayer race and deathmatch modes with a variety of objectives, via ad-hoc and infrastructure. Game sharing is also enabled.
  • 15 cars total, nine brand new to the PSP version.
  • Light, medium and heavy weapons including the shotgun, M16, Grenade, M60, M203 launcher, mortar, aircraft gun, mortar, fire & forget missile, heat-seeking missile.
  • 18 Brand New Tracks across three unique new districts, each offering six tracks three Point-to-Point, two Circuit, and one Arena level per district.
  • Destroy the world to defeat your enemies, blocking opponents and discovering invaluable new routes..

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