Ghost Rider (Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2007)

Ghost Rider (Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2007)


  • When daredevil Johnny Blaze makes a deal with the devil, he becomes Ghost Rider, a form vehicular vengeance upon the damned. Based on the upcoming 2007 film starring Nicolas Cage, Ghost Rider combines mobile combat and motorcycles to create a fast-paced storyline that leads players down the road to Hell. Straddling the Hellcycle, gamers must take down criminals with the Hellchain as they ride by. The Hellcycle and chain are both upgradeable, and can be improved by spending the essence of defeated enemies on new moves and higher stats. While exploring such environments as the Quentin Carnival and the Caretaker's Graveyard, players can use the bike's abilities to ride on water, boost over jumps, and power down under obstacles. To add insult to injury, Ghost Rider can inflict villains with the pain and suffering of their victims by targeting them with the "Penance Stare." Throughout the journey, players will unlock additional content including artwork, interviews, and bonus characters.

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