Killer Instinct Game Boy

Killer Instinct Game Boy

Back in the early 90s, before the Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation, there was a phenomenon in which awesome games would be "ported" from state of the art arcade machines to humble home consoles. These obviously were not true ports at all, but rather clever reinterpretations of a finished product. Arcade games were essentially unlimited by hardware. The specifications and even the cabinets themselves would be designed around the game. This meant that the games played at home were built under considerable limitations.
Killer Instinct for the Game Boy is perhaps the best example of this being done right. Yes, this game still has the spirit of Killer Instinct even with only 2 buttons and a tiny colorless screen. The flow of the game is the same. Killer Instinct's unique two lifebar round structure, Combo Breakers, and even the way the background music transitions at the end of the battle. The characters are easy to see against pleasant backgrounds and the animation is clearly Killer Instinct. I have high praises for this game.
Today, the average mobile device is capable of direct ports from consoles, and that has led to a breakdown in the quality of portable games as portable games.
Killer Instinct for Game Boy proves its all about preserving everything that made the game fun into a portable form.

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