MotorStorm: Arctic Edge - PSP

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge - PSP

  • Stunning Alaskan Environments Tracks are modeled after the rugged Alaskan landscape featuring a unique blend of narrow mountain passes, giant ice caves, long ice bridges, and treacherous terrain. Players must battle through each race facing a number of weather conditions including snow, rain, and wind.
  • New Vehicles Two new vehicles are available specifically to tackle the Alaskan terrain including the nimble Snow Cat and more forceful Snow Plow.
  • New Tracks 12 available tracks that show off the unpredictable nature of the rough Alaskan setting. Each of the tracks will be accessible to race in reverse for added race variety.
  • Unique New Features: Bobsleigh corners Vehicles power, slip, and spin through a variety of icy structures with only boost to provide control
  • Avalanches Snow-baked terrain brings the imminent hazard of avalanches, triggered by players sounding their horn.

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