Robot Wars Metal Mayhem Nintendo Game Boy Color

Robot Wars Metal Mayhem Nintendo Game Boy Color

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Prepare for battle by building your own robot. Next choose which weapons you will use to destroy your enemy... a rotating flipper, an electric axe or a cobalt cutter? Then it's all out, full scale WAR! Choose from the following challenges to test your mettle against the metal...

With op\ tions such as Grudge Match, find out if you really are the best in more robot rampage. Select the robot of your choice to go one-to-one with. It's all about skill and determination--go on, you know you can do it!

In Trials, try out different robots over a variety of events and terrain. Test your metal warrior's agility and speed in the following events: Skittles--put your control and agility to the test by seeing how many targets you can hit. Try your robot over a variety of challenging terrain. Robot Sumo--killer instinct, weight and strength are key here as you try to force a competitor robot from its position. Make sure you don't let your guard down though--the pit is waiting to swallow up the loser! Slalom--can you get your robot around the obstacle course in the fastest possible time and avoid hazards as you go? Guantlet--for the ultimate testin roboteering, run the Gauntlet as quickly as possible and avoid damage along the way.

WAR ZONE--Fight to the death in this battle of all battles. Aim to become a champion roboteer by winning as many rounds of the contest as you can. Beware though--the arena is a dangerous battle ground.

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