Rocket Power: Dream Scheme - Game Boy Advance

Rocket Power: Dream Scheme - Game Boy Advance


In the Game Boy Advance title Rocket Power: Dream Scheme, based on the Nickelodeon series Rocket Power, Otto Rocket is experiencing a nightmare. After eating Raymundo's hot wings, Otto has an unsettling night and dreams of Merve becoming the evil Dr. Stimpleton and turning Ocean Shores into a polka resort. With his friends held prisoner by Dr. Stimpleton, Otto sets out to find them so together they can save Ocean Shores. Players are able to play as Otto Rocket, Reggie Rocket, Sammy, and Twister as they skate through various levels in Ocean Shores in an attempt to stop Dr. Stimpleton.<br><br>In the tradition of side-scrolling action, players inline skate and skateboard through areas including Mad Town Skate Park, Ocean Shores Beach, the elementary school, the spooky woods, and Town Square. Each area contains collectible items such as hockey pucks and sticks and magnetic inline skates, and is crawling with enemies brainwashed by the Stimpleton Device. Players can access three of the five areas from the beginning and play only as Otto. At the end of the available three levels, Otto will find one of his friends and this will make that character available for play. Each of the remaining two levels will become unlocked upon completing a previous level. A choice of available characters is given prior to beginning each new level. <br><br>A certain number of Star Points must be earned in each level to continue for a chance to defeat the mind-controlled zombie bosses at the end of the level. Other items players must find in order to complete a level include Z's for health, and keys to unlock doors. There are also buttons, levers, and switches to find that unlock gates and doors with no keyholes. Other pick-ups, such as hockey pucks and sticks, turbo boosts, pogo sticks, and an upgraded rocket board, add to the gameplay and increase the characters abilities. Successfully completing all the levels will save Ocean Shores and Otto from his nightmarish dream.

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