Sabrina the Animated Series Zapped! Game Boy Color

Sabrina the Animated Series Zapped! Game Boy Color

  • Based on popular cartoon series
  • Play as both Sabrina and her cat Salem
  • Fix a spell that's gone wrong
  • Run, jump, and zap through 20 levels
  • Use Salem's tail to whip away Kitty Blocks that obstruct Sabrina's path
  • Based on the animated TV series, which itself was based on a live-action prime-time TV series, Sabrina, the Animated Series: Zapped! follows the pre-teen Sabrina as she tries to fix a spell that's gone wrong: by using her magic to get applause during the school talent show, she accidentally turned the audience into a pack of wild animals. Now, through 20 levels, Sabrina and her cat Salem will have to use quick thinking and unpredictable magic to make things right. Players will switch between Sabrina and Salem, and use each character's abilities to track down each of the animals and zap it back into its former human self.

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