Sheep - Game Boy Advance

Sheep - Game Boy Advance

  • 26 levels of crazy puzzle gameplay, set in four unique worlds
  • Herd the sheep home and try not to lose any on the way
  • Arrange your sheepdog / sheeppig so that they perform better and can herd more sheep
  • Hidden subgames, play modes and characters - can you unlock them all?
  • Sheep takes traditional puzzle elements and blends them into a game so crafted as to be tailor made for the Game Boy Advance. Your task is to guide these hapless creatures back to the truck. Not as easy as it sounds, especially when your sheep flock off in the opposite direction! They're cute, they're cuddly and they're lost. The Sheep desperately need you to guide them home. The only trouble is they're a little thick, so they're going to make it as difficult as possible for you. But they can't help it, they're Sheep.

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