Silent Scope 2 Fatal Judgement - PS2

Silent Scope 2 Fatal Judgement - PS2

Lead a merciless hunt for terrorists as a sniper in this sequel to Konami's famous arcade hit. In line with Namco's shooting games (Time Crisis 2), the principle of SS2: Dark Silhouette consists of moving a sight (that of your sniper rifle) on the screen and eliminating all the enemies present within the allotted time . It is possible to zoom in or out at will as in reality and even temporarily deactivate the zoom to allow better visualization of the entire scene. Unlike the previous episode released on PS2 and Dreamcast, the latter offers you to choose your character between two available ones, depending on which the progress of the game is slightly modified (the branches are then no longer the same). A two-player mode is also accessible via the iLink cable to play simultaneously with another person in co-op or duel mode. But that's not the only novelty. Accessories such as a thermal vision system and X-ray glasses are now included and really add to the pleasure of the game. Finally, additional modes (Boss Battle, Shooting range, Duel...) are also present and give this title an appreciable variety and lifespan. If Silent Scope 2 is still not playable with a light gun (unlike Namco titles), the numerous settings (speed of movement of the viewfinder, zoom magnification, etc.) added in the pad configuration and the possibility of using a mouse on the USB port (your PC mouse will do just fine if it meets this standard) makes it quite accessible. --Vincent Maulon

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