Super Mario Sunshine - GameCube

Super Mario Sunshine - GameCube

  • Play as Mario and use your water cannon to clean the graffiti and fight back against angry villagers
  • Climb walls, run across rooftops, and jump like never before as you wash off the scribbles on walls,
  • Explore the massive island setting, completing tasks, and getting clues
  • Collect the gold coins and new Sunshine Coins to finish the level and build up the points you need t
  • Then get to the bottom of the mystery and find out who's been impersonating Mario!

  • If you picked the GameCube over the Xbox and PlayStation 2, this man is likely on your list of reasons why. You'd need an abacus to count the number of games Mario has appeared in over the last two decades, yet Nintendo has been very careful to back up the plumber with high-quality gameplay at every turn. While Mario excels at kart racing, tennis and golf, Super Mario Sunshine offers his speciality: platform adventure. In this game, Mario and Princess Peach take a vacation to a perpetually sunny island where Mario is framed for vandalism. Armed with a water scrubber, Mario has to clean up the graffiti, catch the impostor and restore his good name. Maybe those Jet Set Radio hooligans are involved...


    • The GameCube's first Mario title, developed by creator Shigeru Miyamoto
    • Explore a colourful 3-D world filled with expansive environments
    • Return the island to pristine condition using Mario's new water pump
    • Cheery graphics, real-time lighting effects and stunning reflections
    • Visit Yoshi, Toad and a host of other friends
    • Encounter a collection of enemies bent on foiling Mario's efforts
    • More mobility than ever before--different jumps, bounce off walls, run, slide, climb, and fly
    • For 1 player

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