Tetris Game Boy

Tetris Game Boy

  • 20 levels
  • Selectable starting heights
  • Addicting gameplay
  • Classic puzzle play
  • For 1 player
  • Tetris for the Gameboy could be considered the classic version of the game. This is the version that includes the classic Tetris theme that we all know and love, as well as a couple of other themes. The blocks all have different patterns, so it's easy to tell them apart even in the monochromatic screen of the Gameboy. If you have a Gameboy, Gameboy Color, or Gameboy Advance, there's no real reason why not to get this; it's inexpensive, and will provide you with hours of fun. Tetris never gets old, and continues to be just as addicting as the first time you pick it up and play it.

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