The Tim Burton Encyclopedia S.J Umland

The Tim Burton Encyclopedia S.J Umland

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The book is a worthy source of information about a unique film director. It will be useful for source material and as a reference work for libraries serving visual arts, film production and film history courses and will no doubt be appreciated by the fans of the director.

T]his is an interesting, valuable study of one of Hollywood's most innovative filmmakers.

The author Umland examines, in great detail, every aspect of Burton's kaleidoscopic work. . . .Fans of Burton, and of film in general, will find Umland's detailed work a bonanza, when it comes to more fully analyzing and appreciating one of modern cinema's most innovative storytellers.

Chronicling his nearly 35 year career and impact on pop culture through his uniquely dark and whimsical tales, The Tim Burton Encyclopedia by Samuel J. Umland provides readers and film enthusiasts of Burton's colorful career a detailed overview of the artist, his many works and frequent collaborators. . . .The Tim Burton Encyclopedia serves its purpose as a solid reference of the Beetlejuice director's eccentric career with countless sections of enlightening material for Burton's most informed appreciators.

This work spans the life and career (through 2015) of filmmaker Tim Burton. . . .This volume presents nearly 200 entries alphabetically and concludes with a selected bibliography and an index. The most informative entries relate to Burton's films and the primary production crew members and collaborators with whom he regularly worked. . . .[W]ell-written, this encyclopedia will mostly interest a general audience or collectors of Burton-related material and memorabilia. Summing Up: Recommended. General readers.  

About the Author

  Samuel J. Umland is professor of English and department chair, University of Nebraska at Kearney. He is the editor of Philip K. Dick: Contemporary Critical Interpretations (1995) and coauthor of Donald Cammell: A Life on the Wild Side (2006).                                 


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