Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 - PSP

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 - PSP

As with the PGA Tourr, the secret of a good tee is the execution and precision. With TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR 06, both analogue sticks can be used for better control over every tee. With the left analogue stick, the player controls the back and down swing, and with the right analogue stick or "shape stick" the trajectory and rotation of the ball. The player must now focus on the landing point of the ball and at the same time think more strategically before it strikes. The golf game challenges body and mind alike and the key to victory is confidence for the player. Each tee is annoying and the pressure of becoming the best rises - when the player is not left but loses the nerves, it quickly becomes a loser all the way. The gamebreaker display increases or falls with the player's confidence depending on whether they deliver good or bad tees and how many points they do. Many recreational golfers like to complete golf bets. Now they have the opportunity to show what they really can and complete bets with their opponents. The player can bet at any time - whether for a single tee or a whole round. He can also put on his tees before he hits by predicting exactly where the ball will land. If the prediction is applied, the player gets points and money to develop his golfer.

* The new dual analog swing: the new, improved swing technology "shapes" the tees with both analogue sticks. The left analog stick performs the swing and the right analog stick "shapes" the tee by controlling the trajectory and rotation.
* The gamebreaker display: the gamebreaker display rises or falls depending on whether the player delivers good or bad tees and how many points they do. When the player exceeds certain values, he gets the ability to make longer and more accurate tees and trigger gamebreaker situations.
* The bets and the "ball prediction": When the player can predict his tee he gets a reward. The player can choose "predict tee" before he strikes and suggest a competition to show what he has on it. The harder the tee, the more money there is.
* The courses: The game offers 14 courses (11 licensed and 3 fantasy courses), such as Pebble Beach Golf Links and St Andrews Golf Links, the venue of the British Open 2005. Reflection Bay (Las Vegas, Nevada) and Doral Golf Resort (Miami, Florida) are just two of the seven licensed courses.
* The PGA TOUR player: the player can play or compete against one of 15 different TOUR players such as Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Jack Nicklaus and others. Another 27 fantasy characters will challenge the player to the greens.
* The EA SPORTS online competition: With the PlayStation 2 or via Xbox Live, the player can play with up to four players. He has the opportunity to compete in online tournaments with price money lists, complete stats and rankings. Thanks to the new Handicap system, the player can find competitors with similar skills and display their points on ea.com to get access to the leaderboards of the online tournaments.
* The golf career: In the PGA TOUR season mode for consoles, the player can play the PGA TOUR calendar for 52 weeks - up to ten seasons. During his career, he can receive sponsorships from real golf explorers and try to displace Tiger Woods from 1 of the price money list.
* THE GAME FACE: With the leading technology of character creation, the player can create a golfer along with outfit and features to become the best golfer ever. This year the player can choose a voice for his golfer for the first time.

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