Wine Connoisseur

Wine Connoisseur

Connoisseur is a game based on the wine industry. Each player takes the part of an international wine shipper.

The players travel round a board using dice, in the usual way, matching GRAPE cards they collect along the way to WINE cards that they have to purchase (52 wines labels, of which only 3 are available at any time (face up). By obtaining a matching GRAPE and WINE label, and buying a LICENSE, the player can then produce that wine, which earns them money.

The object of the game is to establish monopolies - there are only 2 WINES for each region, and if the player can produce both, they own that region. Target for a short game (90 minutes) is 3 monopolies, while a normal game (2-3 hours) is 6 monopolies.

This is not a simple roll and move game, as there is a certain amount of economics in the game - the value of everybody's wine is dependent on the VINTAGE, which changes periodically.

There is no need to have a knowledge of wine, as the information on what grape makes what wine is provided on the cards. So unlike "The Wine Game", which tests your knowledge of wine, "Connoisseur" actually teaches you about it.

The game is well produced, with a nice board, printed in colour, and very nicely finished cards and playing pieces.

Brand Marks & Spencer.

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