Xtreme Sports Game Boy Color

Xtreme Sports Game Boy Color

  • Get ready to launch yourself into the world of alternative sports with Infogrames' Xtreme Sports. Compete against more than 200 computer-controlled opponents on 25 different tracks in sports such as street luge, skateboarding, inline skating, surfing or skyboarding.

    At the start of the game, you choose between Guppi or her boyfriend Fin and embark on a trip sponsored by the Xtreme Cola Company, which has invited all extreme sports athletes to Xtreme Sports Island to compete in a tournament. Among the friendly and non-friendly people you will encounter are the members of the Bone-Heads gang, who are up to no good. It's your job to unravel the mystery behind them and win the tournament at the same time.

    There are two modes available: Practice or Xtreme Island Adventure. In the former, you can participate in 15 different challenges with 3 difficulty settings. In the latter, you move around the island participating in events and exploring the surroundings. Some of the people you meet will give you clues to solving the mystery of the Bone-Heads while others will issue challenges to compete in various sports.

    You collect medals as you win events. You must win a certain number of easier challenges before the referees will allow you into the tougher ones. Along the way you can also find Twitchy Shakes, which are special drinks that will increase your abilities depending on the next event you enter. You may be able to attain higher speeds or even become invincible.

    This game is for one player only. You can use the battery in the cartridge to save your progress.

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